Health & Physical Activity Advocate

Trailblazing across the seven seas while keeping her eyes on the prize, Tara is living her passion every day.  A native of Detroit, Michigan-USA, Tara established a love for physical activity at an early age by participating in quality physical education programs during her elementary years - a trend that continued throughout her secondary educational experiences.  

Passionate about helping young people excel through health, physical education and sport, the quest for ' health and physical activity for all' is a mantra that guides Tara in making her mark on addressing and changing the current state of affairs concerning sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and a sense of apathy regarding health among various groups around the globe - especially youth.

Born to compete, athletic competition has stayed with Tara over the course of her lifetime, and is a tool she uses as a teacher, coach, mentor, and fitness trainer to motivate individuals to reach their full potential, set goals, focus on personal fitness, and remember to treat their bodies with respect and care of what is consumed.

Tara has dedicated her life to making a global impact by working in various regions of the world researching best practices that enhance physical activity adherence and understanding beyond secondary school, especially with underserved populations.  

Recognizing her own country's discouraging health statistics, particularly among females and people of color, Tara has returned home to implement health and physical activity intervention programs in communities in need by blending her multicultural approaches learned throughout her travels around the world.